Saturday, 3 November 2012

Fungi are a fascinating part of the natural world about which I know very little. It helps if you can go out with the Cornwall Fungi Group as I did this morning on Goss Moor. I will do my best to convey the information I was given about the fungi I photographed.

The large fungus (which is really quite small!) is Mycena epiptygeria and the smaller protrusions are another fungus Spinellus fusiger which is infecting it. The siver white globes of the latter eventually turn black and rupture to release the spores. A couple in the black phase can be seen at the lower edge of the Mycena in the first picture.

This is Tremella mesenterica which is to be found on Gorse stems but is actually parasitic on another fungus  Peniphora resupinate which is growing on the Gorse.

Unfortunately I don't know the name of this one but I am sure somebody will tell me. I just liked its setting.
I have now been informed by Pauline Penna of the Cornwall Fungi Group that this is Laccaria laccata. English name 'The Deceiver'. Many thanks.

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